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  • Liz Carter

Okwui Enwezor loses his fight with cancer at 55.

In a 2017 interview with Freunde von Freunden, Enwezor concisely summarized his outlook for the future of curatorial practice and Western art:

A new generation of curators and museum professionals with different fields of knowledge is emerging. Maria Balshaw, the new director of the Tate in London, has made exhibitions on contemporary African art. I hope these people will give institutions the opportunity to think about how to complicate the narrative of societies with colonial affiliations, which necessarily are mixed societies. If we have an open mind, Western art doesn’t have to be seen in opposition to art from elsewhere, but can be seen in a dialogue that helps protect the differences and decisions that present the material, circumstances and conditions of production in which artists fashion their view of what enlightenment could be.
“There are ways in which artworks speak that aren't necessarily loud: they can whisper and still have great power” (Okwui Enwezor)

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