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 I am from Yalis, (Alert Bay) part of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation. I use many mediums in my work, photography, painting, installation, video, and performance. Most of my work includes culturally significant materials such as animal hides, cedar and copper; weaving historical, contemporary and traditional elements to communicate my ideas on loss and resistance. The trickster plays a significant role in my work with hidden iconic imagery that invites viewers into a dialogue of Indigenous culture in relation to the North American colonial realities. As an Indigenous artist I work in a genre I call ‘positive futurism,’ a place where I dismantle Western idealisms and re-invent and restore using our own cultural living history. It is my hope that combining the historical loss of culture with the healing strength and resistance of my people embedded into the contemporary commercial appropriated imagery will project a safe way of exploring this relationship by juxtaposing cultural history with Western colonial history.

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